Split Rock Lighthouse – 2012.08.31

It’s the icon of Minnesota. It’s the place almost every photographer in Minnesota has photographed at least once in their lives. Images of it receive groans when viewed at camera clubs (because it’s been photographed so often). It’s one of my favorite and most meaningful places in the world. It’s Split Rock Lighthouse […]

Sleigh and Cutter Rally – 2012.01.29

Every year in Minnesota, if there’s snow, you can count on there being at least one Sleigh & Cutter Rally in the area. […]

Christmas 2010

Happy Holidays to everyone!

We at Tortoise Productions hope you have a wonderful holiday season and even better 2011.

Thanks for stopping by!

— Geoff & Holly Kuchera (& Kaylee!) […]

Smithsburg, Maryland - 2010.09

Ah, Smithsburg… […]

World Hoop Day - 2010.10.10

A rare day which won’t happen again for another 100 years – both in date and in all the stuff I got to photograph! […]

Carver Dog Park - 2010.10.06

Every once in a while a photographer must go out into the world and do something they wouldn’t normally do – take some risks they normally wouldn’t take. In my case, this week I decided to do something I had done plenty of times before, but take the risk of carrying my “real” camera gear with me. And as my dog Kaylee really needed some good exercise, we headed off to the dog park! […]

MN Renaissance Festival - 2010.09.18

I’ve been away for so very long — first it was a trip out east to visit my mother in Maryland and then back home to the reality of too many commitments in too short a period of time. So, between commitments I managed to sneak in some time at the MN Renaissance Festival. […]

Edina Farmer's Market - 2010.08.05

“Art is a calling. Artists do not just paint for themselves, and they don’t simply paint for an audience. Every creation reveals something more about the universe and about the artist.” […]

MN Landscape Arboretum - 2010.07.28

Whenever I need a break from whatever I’m up to, I make the short trek over to the MN Landscape Arboretum to spend a few hours amongst the trees and flowers, photographing whatever turns my fancy. […]