ICOM IC-RP-4020 Repeater + Informtation

This repeater system was used in Afton, MN for many years until a storm toppled the tower. The repeater transceiver has since been into ICOM for a full checkup. And has been in the Box since (other than a quick setup and test by me to check functionality)  The eHAM listing is here:

  1. ICOM IC-RP4020 UHF 50 Watt repeater.
    1. Shipping weight: 46.5 lbs
    2. Original cost:      $2157.00
  2. RLC-II Repeater/Link Controller with the following extras:
    1. Audio Delay Module
    2. Phone Patch
    3. Shipping weight:  12 lbs
    4. Original cost:        $1100.00
  3. RS-50A Astron Power Supply, Owner recommends the use of the Astron for long term stability over the built in power supply.
    1. Shipping weight:  44.25 lbs
    2. Original Cost:       $205.00
  4. UHF Duplexer (tuned to: 443.350Mhz TX, and 448.350Mhz RX
    1. Shipping weight:  17.2 lbs
    2. Original cost:  unknown
  5. Yeasu 2400H 2 meter Link Radio
    1. Shipping weight:  4.1 lbs
    2. Original Cost:       $355.00
  6. DCI two meter bandpass filter
    1. Shipping weight:  2.9 lbs
    2. Original Cost:   unknown
  7. Power strip
    1. Shipping weight:  2.25lbs
  8. Manuals
    1. Shipping weight:  ~15.75lbs (i have to sort through these to determine which ones are relevant)

As far as shipping I have not priced it out yet, my preferred shipper would be FedEx but arrangements can be made for other shippers.  No shipping costs if you want to pick the items up.  I live in Chanhassen, Minnesota and work in Eagan, Minnesota either location would be fine.